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KIDBIZ Resources - early Childhood & Child Care Training

Welcome to KIDBIZ Resources™!

KIDBIZ Resources™ is here to help you train, teach and inspire the many professionals in the early childhood field who care for children. Developed by national speaker and child care expert, Patricia Dischler, KIDBIZ ResourcesTM training guides, books and professionalism tools provide you the keys to success in the classroom and in the business of child care!

Designed to provide tools to those who support the early childhood field, KIDBIZ Resources brings you training guides that your staff can use to present high quality trainings, books and tools to support teachers and child care providers in their important work, and presentations on a variety of topics for family child care providers, early childhood teachers, K4-5 teachers, CCR&R staff and child care directors.

KIDBIZ Resources™ also provides you with useful articles for your newsletters and links to many informative and important websites.

KIDBIZ Resources™ has the Keys to Success for you!

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